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Wild Tales (2014) – Loose Control!!!

Original TitleRelatos Salvajes
Runtime2h 2m
GenreDark Comedy/ Psychological Thriller
RatingR (Violence, Profanity, Sexuality)

There was a time when I felt, I was this big Cinephile who had explored all the genre’s, all good movies out there from my country (Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi) and Hollywood. Then, one day, I had a chat with my friend from the official circle about movies, during our usual “tea-break chats”. He suggested me to try different languages and recommended some Korean movies. I was initially reluctant to watch a language I did not understand, as I had to fully rely on English subtitles – But boy, that opinion changed quickly and ever since then, I’ve explored countless number of movies in different languages. One among the same was the Spanish movie ‘Relatos Salvajes’ translated to English as “Wild Tales”.

Anthology movies are a tough genre to crack as it can be uneven, some stories far better than other, most turning out to be predictable. This is where ‘Wild Tales’ is different. It is one of my favourite Anthology movies of all time.

Wild Tales has that rare blend and perfect balance of dark comedy and genuine thrills.

Humans can anticipate and assess the consequences of one’s own actions, and decide to act against their basic instincts. The morality element makes us think twice before doing something – We tone down our emotions of anger, disgust etc., pretend to be nice with the people we dislike, not to give in to fun or pleasurable activities. But is there a breaking-point to it? What if we can no longer control it?

Wild Tales is a mix of six separate, seemingly unrelated segments which explores the extremities of Human behaviour. When you can no longer cope with the emotions you try to control, all hell breaks loose and morality, social niceties goes for a toss!

The movie is visually stunning. The comedy here is dark and satirical. The creators of the movie perfectly captured how certain actions, even the tiniest bit of them can lead to grave consequences.

1) Pasternak

The first of the six segments. Pasternak has ‘Revenge’ as its main theme. How exciting will it be to travel with all your enemies? 😉

2) The Rats

What’s right and wrong? A diner on a stormy night gets an unexpected visitor

3) The Strongest

My favorite segment. It reminds you of Spielberg’s ‘Duel’. This segment deals with Ego and Retribution. In a nutshell, it’s ‘a war of two classes’

4) Little Bomb

Revolt is the main theme here. How far can you be pushed before you EXPLODE?

5) The Proposal

Explores Greed. How far would you go to save your child?

6) Till Death Do Us Part

The finale takes us to a Wedding. The theme revolves around Trust and Betrayal. There is chaos, drama and in the end, passion overpowers manners!

If I write more, it will be spoiling the fun. 😛

All the Characters are flawed here and it shows through the opening title credits that humans are basically animals (no disrespect to animals), and when exposed to tremendous stress/pressure, their animalistic instincts could come out. Here, we have a roller coaster of human emotions.

The title ‘Wild Tales’ is apt – It’s wildly thrilling! wildly hilarious! and wildly entertaining!

Verdict: Excellent!

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Trailer credits: YouTube

Image source: IMDB

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