Celebration of Music, Part 2 – My Favorite Album songs, Mostly Indian!

Sharing my favorite album songs. Mostly Indian!

Those days, sweet memories of Side A – Side B cassette, BSA SLR cycle adventures, Gold spot drink, time with family and friends, endless indoor and outdoor games, such wonderful songs and many many more! Pure Gold! Pure Nostalgia!

Most of these songs were ahead of its time! No vulgarity to popularize the songs! They could be enjoyed over and over!

Those were the times I enjoyed Malayalam and Tamil film songs and Hindi album songs!

Enjoy with your headphones.

1) Alisha Chinai – Made In India

There were hardly any during those times who were not in love with this song!

2) Hisham Abbas – Nari Nari

I know it’s an Arabic song with hindi lyrics in-between. There was a time when I was addicted to this song

3) Shaan – Tanha Dil

Lovely song! Some memories come to visit when I hear this

4) Lucky Ali – O Sanam

Love his voice, the music, even his “mmmm” is so different and I just love it!

5) K.S. Chithra, Ustad Sultan Khan – Piya Basanti

Loved this actress, and another main reason – the magical voice of one of the best ever singer KS Chithra!

6) Alisha Chinai – Lover Girl

Alisha was like the Madonna of India for many! Talent and looks!

7) Suresh Peters – Vaa Maane

My cousin introduced me to this song and loved it ever since!

8) Rabbi Shergill – Bulla Ki Jaana Main Kaun

There is something special about this song. Love hearing this!

9) Falguni Pathak – Chudi

I am a huge fan of Falguni. Wonderful songs! Wonderful talent!

10) Franco- Sundariye Vaa

Love this song!

11) Hawa Hawa

This was so famous back then!

12) Suneeta Rao – Paree Hoon Main

Love the music and singing!

13) Suchitra – Dole Dole

Another popular one!

14) Shweta Shetty – Deewane To Deewane Hain

Love her voice!

15) Junoon – Sayonee

Still remember singing some weird lyric for this, our Malayalee friends can relate 😀 love this song!

16) Sonu Nigam – Tu

Remember singing “oh amoeba” 😀 Love the way he sings “Tuuuu”… and Bipasha was lovely in this!

17) Raageshwari – Duniya

Used to hum ‘ta tararira’ 😛

18) Daler Mehndi – Bolo Ta Ra Ra

A big hit during its time!

19) Kumar Sanu – Tera Mera Pyar

Love this song!

20) KK – Yaaron

This and ‘Mustafa Mustafa’ song ruled the farewell events!

21) Shubha Mudgal – Ab Ke Saawan

This song has a different energy!

22) Misty Rhythms – Aye Laila

The music and ‘Satyabhama dheere chalna’, love this song! Video quality is bad, but 90s kids can relate

23) Remo – O Meri Munni

‘O meri munni, munni munni baby’, that’s all I knew and that was enough 😛

24) Aslam – Ho Gayi Hai Mohabbat

Shot in Kerala by the legendary Santhosh Sivan. Both Nakul and Shibani were awesome in this!

25) Kamaal Khan – Suno To Diwana Dil

Another catchy one!

26) Colonial Cousins – Sa Ni Dha Pa

Love the Colonial Cousins! Hariharan and Lesle were a perfect combo!

27) Asha Bhosle & Jagjit Singh – Jab Samne Tum Aa Jate Ho

Love this! A different feel especially hearing Asha!

28) Lucky Ali – Tere Mere Saath

The voice and music again!

29) Shankar Mahadevan – Breathless

Felt breathless when I saw this first 😀 Rise of a star!

30) Roop tera mastana – Remix

A remix which was good!

31) Pankaj Udhas – Ahista

Lovely song! Love the cute chemistry between the leads

32) Aryans – Aankhon Mein

The emotional one of the 90’s 😛

33) Falguni Pathak – Maine Payal Hai Chhankai

Another cute and lovely song from Falguni. Had a crush on the girl with the red shall 😉

34) Sonu Nigam – Is Kadar Pyar Hain

Another sweet song!

35) Apache Indian – Boom Shack-A-Lack

Not an Indian song, I Know! Not because of the name ‘Apache Indian’, but we used to hear them along with the others in India! There was a time when we used to hear this over and over again! Memories!

I would have missed some! We had many wonderful songs then! Wish the technology we have today could teleport us to those Olden Golden days!

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