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Reconnecting with Childhood – My Favorite Cartoon Theme Music/Songs

Music – I was destined to enjoy it along with Sports and Movies! Main reason – My Dad who is so passionate about music. I was brought up experiencing his world of amplifiers, speakers, music in different languages and types. Cartoons were another reason – Their theme music and songs.

It’s such a nostalgic trip – Seeing or hearing them makes you feel you’re still a kid in the body of an adult 😉  It was a time when you feel TV was worth watching and all the shows were pure gold. Cartoons attracted me with their content and most importantly – Music. Be it their intro song/music, vocalizations, voice-overs – It was so catchy and I could never forget it. I still remember watching some shows purely for their theme songs, humming the tunes, mimicking my favorite cartoon characters, singing the wrong lyrics 😛 The musical intros made me hooked in front of the television watching these shows and I still enjoy it with the same intensity.

Listed below are my 20 favorite Cartoon themes (Intro’s). Enjoy using your headphones. Unfortunately, some of the audio/video quality is average- but it’s still enjoyable.

Video Credits: YouTube

1. The real adventures of Jonny Quest

My favorite theme among all the Cartoons – This intro still feels fresh, the visuals and the beat, the rush n chills – Simply love it! A show that I watched only to enjoy the intro 😛 . There was a time when I hoped I could experience this as a movie in big screen just to enjoy this intro 😀

2. Thundercats

Thunder… Thunder… Thunder…Thundercats…Hoooo & the screaming mummy‘ 😛 – The music and singing were so catchy, it still is 😉

3. Ducktales

A theme which I enjoyed both in English and Hindi. Catchy lines – ‘Duck Tales! whooh hoo…’ ‘D – D – D – Danger! Watch behind you! There’s a stranger, out to find you!

4. Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers

Ch-ch-ch-Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers…’ ‘No, No, it never fails once they’re involved somehow whatever’s wrong gets solved‘ – Loved the music and lyrics and I had a huge crush on Gadget 😛

5. He-Man

I have the Powerrrrrrr! ‘– Whenever ‘FILMATION’ with its music flashed on screen, you knew it was He-Man. A cartoon in which I enjoyed both the theme and episodes equally. Loved the way they say “He-Man” – It sounded as if the most powerful man in the universe was saying it!

6. Pink Panther

I love the instrumental composition of Pink Panther – The musical intro followed by the animated shorts of pink panther and its adventures with the white man and dog etc.

7. Scooby-Doo! Where are You

Loved the theme and the music in the show which perfectly captured the mystery, creepiness and spookiness – ‘Scooby Dooby Doo Where are you…

8. Tom and Jerry

The roaring lion followed by Tom and Jerry smiling at each other accompanied by wonderful music – Bliss!

9. The Lion King

The Lion King was amazing on so many levels – excellent animation, characters, story and music – The Circle of Life track felt powerful and beautiful at the same time.

10. Merrie Melodies & Looney Tunes

Tha Tha that’s all folks!‘ Loved the theme of these two along with their cartoons

11. Donald Duck

Donald Duck was my favorite among Mickey, Goofy and co. I enjoyed the theme and the cartoons – the temperamental duck and its voiceovers 😛

12. Sofia the First

The odd-man out from the list – Not from my Childhood, but courtesy of my daughter – I just love this song.

13. Dexter’s Laboratory

I am Dexter boy genius and this is my stupid sister Dee Dee‘ 😛  – Had fun watching this with my cousin and the music was in sync with the theme

14. Jungle Book

I am a big fan of the original Jungle book animated movie. This is another cartoon that I enjoyed with my cousins. Loved the Hindi title song!

15. The Flintstones

Yabba Dabba Doo!’ Loved the theme especially the closing credits where Fred gets the door shut in front of him and yells ‘Wilmaaa’

16. Mummies Alive!

Don’t recollect any episodes of this, but I still remember the theme song – ‘He has the Mummies from 1525 B.C.

17. Popeye

I’m Popeye the sailor man… I’m Popeye the sailor man – Loved the cartoons (until the latest versions) and the theme song and music. Even though the intro changed over time, almost all were good.

18. The Road Runner Show

Beep Beep! The quirky fun tune reminds me about the struggles faced by Coyote in capturing the Roadrunner – Loved the show

19. The Woody Woodpecker

Loved the intro just for the Woodpecker’s laughs 😀

20. Giant Robot

And last but not least – Giant Robot! We called it like that even though the cartoon was named as’ Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot’. This is pure nostalgia – Used to be glued in front of the screen waiting for the Robot to come and copy its mannerisms.

The list is endless…There could be lot more 😛

Nowadays, there is a ‘Skip Intro’ option for Cartoons in all the platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, Prime etc. Thankfully I never had that option during my Childhood and even if I had, I would have ignored it 🙂 By the way, what’s your favorite Cartoon theme?

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