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Halloween Horror Hub – 15 Halloween Horror Movies

The Spooky season is back and all your worst nightmares are coming to get you. Time to grab your favorite snacks and drinks, relax to get un-relaxed 😉 – It’s Halloween!  

There are plenty of horror movies out there which are so good that it’s hard to limit it to a certain number. I am keeping out the usual suspects like Michael Myers, Jason, Freddy Krueger etc. and suggesting some movies which aren’t suggested as frequently as the Biggies!

Welcome to my Halloween Horror Hub. Listed below are my Top 15 Halloween Movie suggestions.

1) Aamis (2019) – Who’s hungry?

Country: India| Language: Assamese | Runtime: 1h 47m
Genre: Drama, Psychological Horror | Rating: R for Disturbing content

Aamis is a love story. Meat is the symbol of forbidden love here. What starts as a potential extramarital affair transcends into something else! The film has an unsettling tone throughout, without any blood or gore. Aamis is beautiful and horrific at the same time. The final frame of the movie is haunting, emotional aided by an excellent background score. This is a haunting masterpiece! Kudos to the entire crew!

2) Tumbbad (2018) – Go to Sleep, or else Hastar will come!

Country: India| Language: Hindi | Runtime: 1h 44m
Genre: Fantasy, Horror | Rating: A-Suggestive content and Profanity

Tumbbad is an Indian mythological tale revolving around an ancient Goddess, Old Legends, and Curses which has a treasure hunt as its basic premise. It explores Greed. Tumbbad is Gothic Horror at its very best! This is a visual masterpiece that deserves to be seen in a big screen. Special mention to the musical score from Jesper Kyd.

3) The Others (2001) – Sooner or Later, They’ll find you!

Country: Spain/US| Language: English| Runtime: 1h 44m
Genre: Mystery, Horror | Rating: PG-13

A mom and her two photo sensitive children moves into a new house and the events that unfold leading them to believe the house is haunted. The Others is not your typical haunted house movie. This is a slow burn atmospheric horror movie which relies on genuine thrills backed up by a fantastic performance from Nicole Kidman. Watch out for the twist at the end – The twist may remind you of another movie, but I ain’t spoiling it 😛

4) The Wailing (2016) – Who’s the stranger?

Country: South Korea| Language: Korean/Japanese| Runtime: 2h 36m
Genre: Mystery, Horror | Rating: R for Sexuality, Violence and Profanity

The Wailing was released in the same year as the Korean Zombie movie ‘Train to Busan’ which I rate as one of the best zombie movies of all time. A small Korean village faces a mysterious illness after the arrival of a Japanese man. Who’s the stranger? Investigating the same, a police officer gets entangled in a similar situation within his family. Are both these related? These are the many queries that the Wailing addresses through its eerie, atmospheric and supernatural elements. This is an unsettling movie and the ending will give you the chills!

5) Let the Right One In (2008) – I’ve been 12 for long!

Country: Sweden| Language: Spanish| Runtime: 1h 54m
Genre: Romance, Horror | Rating: R for Sexuality, Violence and Profanity

Let the Right One In focusses on a bullied young boy’s relationship with a mysterious girl. This movie revitalised the vampire genre which was slowly going down. The pacing of the movie is perfect with fine storytelling, stunning visuals and excellent performances from the lead actors. The remake was not bad, but I felt, it was not as deep as the original.

6) A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) – Every family has its dark secrets!

Country: South Korea| Language: Korean| Runtime: 1h 54m
Genre: Mystery, Psychological Horror | Rating: R for Violence

After spending time in a Mental Hospital, two sisters return home to their father and step-mother and a Ghost begins to haunt them. This is a carefully woven intelligent piece of cinema which demands your unwavering attention. The screenplay is brilliant with every frame working as a piece of art. This is a little gem of a movie!

7) The Babadook (2014) – Don’t let it in!

Country: Australia| Language: English| Runtime: 1h 34m
Genre: Drama, Psychological Horror | Rating: R for Frightening and Intense sequences

A single mom while dealing with her husband’s tragic death and a son who has a paranoia about monsters, encounters the Babadook. The Babadook is often mis-interpreted as a creature flick whereas it’s more of a metaphor for the stress and depression that the lead character is going through. This is an excellent psychological horror drama powered by the stellar performances of the central characters especially Essie Davis as the mom.

8) The Descent (2005) – Time for the ultimate expedition!

Country: UK| Language: English| Runtime: 1h 39m
Genre: Adventure, Horror | Rating: R for Strong Violence and Profanity

The Descent explores Claustrophobia, Isolation and Terror and does that exceedingly well. Contrary to John Carpenter’s all-male cast “The Thing”, this movie has an all-female cast. The Descent deals with a caving expedition that going terribly wrong. The lighting, suspense and the scares are done effectively and all the female leads especially the central characters Sarah and Juno were impressive.

9) Dead End (2003) – Time for a short-cut!

Country: France| Language: English| Runtime: 1h 25m
Genre: Comedy, Mystery, Horror | Rating: R for Sexuality, Violence and Profanity

Dead End is a creepy low-budget horror film. On a Christmas eve, a family while driving, takes a short-cut and the strange events that unfold form the premise of the movie. Nothing is what it appears to be! The movie is mind bending with dark humour and unsettling moments. Enjoy the ride!

10) The VVitch (2015) – Beware of the Goat!

Country: Canada/US| Language: English| Runtime: 1h 32m
Genre: Period, Drama, Horror | Rating: R for Sexuality and Violence

The VVitch is a Period Horror Drama which follows a family who encounter sinister forces in the woods. The movie explores Black magic and Witchcraft. The VVitch had the unsettling vibe of a ‘Rosemary’s baby’. It’s a visually stunning, slow-burn tragic horror drama amplified by excellent performances especially Anya Taylor-Joy and an eerie, haunting finale.   

11) Goodnight Mommy (2014) – What’s wrong with Mommy?

Country: Austria| Language: German| Runtime: 1h 39m
Genre: Mystery, Psychological Horror | Rating: R for Sexuality and Violence

Mommy is back after a cosmetic surgery on her face. Her Twin sons are unsure about her identity. Goodnight Mommy takes place in an isolated home – It’s a very interesting premise, presented beautifully with peculiar characters and a twist ending! This is a slow-burn intense psychological thriller.

12) Raw (2016) – Time to Eat!

Country: France| Language: French| Runtime: 1h 39m
Genre: Drama, Horror | Rating: R for Strong Sexuality, Violence and Drug usage

Without a doubt, Raw is the most visceral and graphic movies from this list. A strict vegetarian finds her true self, when exposed to a situation. For a movie with a controversial content, this is beautifully shot with amazing locations and intense performances. You need a strong stomach for this one- Definitely not for the squeamish!

13) As Above, So Below (2014) – Let’s explore the Catacombs!

Country: US| Language: English| Runtime: 1h 33m
Genre: Found-Footage, Horror | Rating: R for Violence and Profanity

The success of Blair witch project prompted many film-makers to venture into Found-Footage horror movies which involves less budget and more profit! As Above, So Below remains one of my favorite from the genre. It’s about a crew exploring Catacombs in search of something. Don’t look for logic here- Just enjoy the Claustrophobic atmosphere of the creepy Catacombs.

14) Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966) – Welcome to the Castle!

Country: UK| Language: English| Runtime: 1h 30m
Genre: Supernatural, Horror | Rating: R for Frightening and Intense sequences

I am a big fan of the Christopher Lee-Dracula series and Prince of Darkness for me, is the best of the lot. Christopher Lee as Dracula is one of the best villains of all-time. This movie still feels fresh with the moody, atmospheric, chill inducing creepy background score. Christopher Lee may hardly speak, but manages to make you feel the impending doom and lurking evil. This is a Horror Classic!

15) Southbound (2015) – The night is long! Get ready to re-live your nightmares!

Country: US| Language: English| Runtime: 1h 29m
Genre: Anthology, Horror | Rating: R for Strong Violence and Profanity

When it comes to Anthology Horror movies, the usually recommended ones would be Creepshow, Tales from the crypt, Body Bags etc. Southbound has five interlocking tales of people in trouble and desperately trying to escape. This is an unsettling road horror movie which at times, make little sense, but that’s the beauty of it! It leaves you with unanswered questions. Weird looking things, Spooky locales, Creepy situations – You have it all in Southbound!

Halloween Horror Movies – The list is endless. I have omitted movies from the 80s and 90s, which I will discuss separately in another segment. I have tried my best to keep the content Spoiler-free. Enjoy Horror! Enjoy Halloween!

Image Source: IMDB, Halloween-Yuri_B

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