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RRR – A Bromantic Action Spectacle!

English TitleR (Rise) R (Roar) R (Revolt)
LanguageTelugu (Original) dubbed into other Indian languages
CastRam Charan, NTR Jr., Ajay Devgn, Olivia Morris, Alia Bhatt, Ray Stevenson, Samuthirakani, Alison Doody and others
Year and Runtime2022 | 3h 7m

RRR is without a doubt, one of the best cinematic experiences I had in a very long time! This movie gives you, your money’s worth for over 3 hours of non-stop spectacle-driven, epic sequences which are audacious and ridiculously entertaining!

RRR is based on two real Indian revolutionaries Alluri Sita Rama Raju and Komaram Bheem. Set in 1920, the movie explores an undocumented time in the life of these two characters. RRR is a fictionalized story imagining what if the two had crossed paths and become friends fighting against the British colonial rule in India. The movie does so in a mix of fictional, mythical and fantastical elements, turning the template into an epic super-hero battle.

Fire and Water

RRR sets the ball rolling when a tribal girl has been forcefully taken away by the British Governor’s wife. Komaram Bheem (NTR Jr.), the protector of the tribe enters the frame with the mission of rescuing the girl. The Nizam of Hyderabad warns the British of Bheem’s mission. This brings, Alluri Sitarama Raju (Ram Charan) into the picture. He is a police officer who joined British force with his own mission in mind. He volunteers to catch Bheem. Raju and Bheem represents Fire and Water respectively. Fire and Water are two powerful, yet opposing elements, but what if they act hand in hand? RRR explores this fantasy and intersects the story of these two men – how their respective mission brings them together, forming an unlikely ally and working towards a common goal.

RRR – The Ramayana
*Spoilers ahead*

RRR has an overarching theme of Ramayana which is beautifully portrayed. The characters of Rama Raju and Sita are quite obvious and the character of Bheem, towards the end is loosely based on Lord Hanuman. In Ramayana, Ram gives Hanuman a ring, so that Sita can identify that Hanuman is not an impostor, but a messenger sent by Ram. RRR gives a twist to this version wherein Sita gives her portion of the locket to Bheem (Hanuman) to venture out and search for Ramaraju. Towards the climax, the manifestation of Lord Rama is implied when Ramaraju got draped in saffron clothes where he takes the bows and arrows from the shrine of Lord Rama.

The Whole Crew behind RRR deserves applause!

RRR is visually stunning aided by MM Keeravani’s pulse-pounding music. The technical crew behind the movie deserves special applause. RRR is helmed by the visionary filmmaker SS Rajamouli. He is without a doubt, one of the best visual storytellers in India. Rajamouli has this crazy knack of giving a Goosebumps inducing scene when you feel the pacing is slow. He also has this sheer conviction to make the audience believe and live in his fantasy world, mix the genres and appeal to global mass.

RRR stars Ram Charan and NTR Jr. in the lead roles. The central theme of the movie works on the bromance and the brilliant chemistry between the lead pair. Both have given excellent performances. The exuberance and energy by the pair in the dance number deserves special mention. Ajay Devgn has a meaty extended cameo, and Alia Bhatt has an important role, although limited space in the movie. All the supporting casts have done a good job.

Logic doesn’t matter, Entertainment does!

RRR is far from perfect. There are times where you feel the visual effects could have been better. The movie requires a certain suspension of disbelief, but you would definitely enjoy if you go into, expecting an epic fantasy movie. It’s generally seen that in Indian movies, almost all the western people are portrayed by average actors and their performances can be off putting at times. RRR too has the same issue. Ray Stevenson is a good actor, but him along with the other British characters felt clichéd and one-note. They lacked depth, with nothing interesting to offer. Olivia Morris is an exception and she did a fine job. Having said that, the overall entertainment factor outshines the minor flaws.

RRR is a visual treat. It has the epic spectacle of a Marvel or a DC film and stylized action of an anime. Allow yourself to be immersed in the fantastical and mythical world infused with patriotism created by Rajamouli. At these times of bulk OTT movie releases, you go to a theatre wanting to experience something new and unexpected, all guns blazing, full-blown, spectacle driven entertainment – RRR is the answer!


It’s teRRRific entertainment!

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  • Bipul Sharma

    Had great fun in theatre watching this with family. all of us loved it.,Its a paisa vasool film. And yes, loved the way you’ve incorporated the ramayana bit eventhough its a spoiler. Good review

  • KarunaSankar KG

    Seriously, I am yet to watch this movie. But this credible review is really prompting me to have the theater experience. Will watch for sure 😃

  • Deepak Mohan Nair

    I brushed this one off as just another telugu movie but this review makes me want to see it. Nice review as always.

  • Gayathri

    Hi Prakash, I was waiting to read your review on RRR. It was the most spectacular movie I have ever seen!! I can’t even think of a Hollywood film that has entertained me more. Your review had given me more clarity on some aspects that I could not figure out myself even after watching it twice. But I still don’t understand the dialogue Bheema tells the tiger after it got killed 🤔I do understand what he tells him, but I didn’t understand why he says so. Anyway message me later on that. Brilliant review Prakash 👏

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