Nostalgia: My Favorite Advertisements, Vol 1

Nowadays what’s irritating – Advertisements jumping in when we are about to watch our favorite shows. But, there was a time when we waited for our favorite Advertisements to come. They made us laugh, think and enjoy! No skip ads then!

Many of these iconic advertisements are still fresh in our memory! Time to relive those moments!

A mix of the Old Doordarshan, DD National, DD Metro days and the modern era!

Warning: Strong Nostalgia ahead! 😛

Doordarshan Signature tune

This defined the TV watching experience for me then! This was something special! Really really special!

1) Cadburys

The Old Cadbury’s ad during the Doordarshan days!

2) Nirma

‘Washing powder Nirma, Washing powder Nirma’ – A household ad for sure during those times!

3) Air Deccan

A wonderful ad featuring the legendary actor Murali!

4) M Seal

A serious situation, but the guy in the end saying ‘Babaaa’ made me laugh all the time!

5) Centerfresh

5 in 1 😛

6) Bajaj

“Hamara Bajaj”

7) Camlin

Easily erasable 😛

8) Bajaj CFL

A slap to all those fairness ads 😀

9) Mentos

Dhadhoo – ‘Dimag Ki Batti Jala De’

10) Action

School time, Action ka School time!

11) Complan

‘I am a Complan Girl, I am a Complan Boy’

12) Ajanta Clocks

Love the Old Grandma in this!

13) Pepsi

Just one name – SACHIN!

14) Vicks

‘Vicks ki goli lo khich khich door karo!’

15) Fevikwik

A regular during the Cricket telecasting days!

16) Amul

Doodh hain wonderful! 😛 Another catchy one!

Being in Kerala during Childhood, we were used to Malayalam dubbed Advertisements which were super special to me then! Will try to share them soon 😀

What’s your favorite advertisement ? 😛

Image source: Public Domain
Video Source: YouTube

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