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Thriller time – 4 Latest Thrillers to say goodbye to 2020!

Hello all! As I didn’t get time to share detailed reviews, sharing my brief thoughts on 4 films released late in the year 2020. 4 Low Budget thrillers – all in different languages exploring Psychological, Claustrophobic, Suspense inducing Thrills!

1) Andhaghaaram

Country: India| Language: Tamil | Runtime: 2h 51m
Genre: Horror/Mystery/Thriller | Rating: 16+

Andhaghaaram meaning ‘Darkness’ is a Psychological thriller with Supernatural elements. The movie focusses on three people, who are seemingly unconnected to each other, facing strange events in their lives. The acting is good especially from Vinoth Kishan – a blind man, Arjun Das – a struggling Cricket coach and Kumar Natarajan – a Psychiatrist.

Andhaghaaram is technically brilliant and the background score amplifies the tension. At a running time close to 3 hours, Andhaghaaram manages to keep you emotionally invested in the characters and makes you curious on the How’s and Why’s? The final payoff of Andhaghaaram was underwhelming, but the talented crew behind this thriller makes me want to watch their next!

Andhaghaaram is available on Netflix

2) The Call

Country: Korea| Language: Korean | Runtime: 1h 52m
Genre: Horror/Mystery/Thriller | Rating: R for Violence and Profanity

The Call is a South-Korean Fantasy thriller revolving around the lives of two people who are from different times! The Time-Loop movies are not a rarity nowadays and similar themes have been explored before. Where ‘The Call’ differentiates itself from others is in terms of its execution.

This thriller is wildly entertaining, though inconsistent at times with logic compromised for entertainment. The ending was a let-down. The acting is good, especially Jong as ‘Young-sook’ is terrific!

The Call is available on Netflix

3) Welcome Home

Country: India| Language: Hindi | Runtime: 2h 5m
Genre: Horror/Mystery/Thriller | Rating: Strictly for Adults

Welcome Home is a thriller which deals with the events that unfold when two government teachers visit an isolated house for census report. Welcome Home gave me the vibes of movies like ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’, ‘Don’t Breathe’ and the French one ‘Frontière(s)’.

Welcome Home is a brutal and unapologetic thriller which highlights issues like Patriarchy and Child abuse. Some actions from the characters are questionable, but they are human beings and they do make mistakes. The acting feels realistic and is excellent. Special mention to Boloram Das as ‘Bhola’, a perverted creep, who makes you feel uncomfortable. This intense thriller is definitely not for the squeamish.

Welcome Home is available on SonyLIV

4) Run

Country: US| Language: English | Runtime: 1h 30m
Genre: Horror/Mystery/Thriller | Rating: PG-13

Run is a psychological thriller from Aneesh Chaganty who directed the highly successful film ‘Searching’. Run focusses on a teenage girl in a wheelchair, trying to figure out whether her mom is keeping a dark secret from her. This is a simple fun thriller which reminded me of a Stephen King movie adaptation – not revealing the name because of spoilers!

Run is noticeable for its authentic casting – Kiera Allen who in real, is a wheelchair user, gives a realistically brilliant performance. Sarah Paulson as the mom is excellent. Even though Run has certain logical loopholes and can be predictable at times, it is an entertaining suspense thriller.

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